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Travel Textbooks

Humans were built to move, and far are the reaches of Mankind’s domain with every journey within that sphere as deserving of account as the heroic deeds of myth. So, when you’ve grown bored reading the fictions and fantasies of others, whose works sit tucked away in shadowed shelves, their silent repose so contrary to the din of their content, it is time to leave the reader’s nook and pursue an adventure of your own. The entire world and everything above and below it is there to explore, but without a guide you’ll stumble as often as you stride. Just as some books betell fantastically, so do some betell verily, attesting to that maxim, “truth is stranger than fiction.” In these are accounts of people’s travels on all continents and the regions between them, where they have striven to succeed, contended with failure, and survived to tell tales astonishing and profound. Be it a guide book to a distant land, a picture book of foreign tableaus, or the journal of a famous traveler, Bookbyte has a book for your travel interests.
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