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Religion & Spirituality Textbooks

“Follow your bliss.” Later, “Follow your blisters.” – Joseph Campbell. Religion and spirituality are ancient and complex modes of human experience. Their study is not simply an exploration of a faith’s history, traditions, philosophy, and the words and deeds of its prophets, but through the ripples of their influence, the roots of much of civilization and the nature of the human condition as well. A study of religion and spirituality will cover the major religious communities of the world, which include Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam. The Abrahamic religions, with Judaism at their root, will receive special emphasis in any course on Occidental history or philosophy, demonstrating their significance to western thought. The Tao Te Ching and Buddhism are equally important to the histories and philosophies of the Far East. Despite the tremendous differences between the religions of the world, they all have humanity as their common denominator. Thus, their study reveals the essential nature of human thought and experience. As you study the great mysteries and conflicts of the human condition, let not the profane discomfort of costly textbooks trouble you. Bookbyte has sacred texts and secular textbooks at affordable prices, helping you focus on the bigger picture: living a good life.
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