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Outdoors & Nature Textbooks

Losing yourself in a book is a common pleasure as it provides escape through erudition and entertainment. Yet, one needn’t contrive fanciful stories to captivate and entertain. There are wonders reaped not from imagination but from simple observation. Human imaginings often fall short of the splendor to be found in Nature. Ne’er a tower raised to rival the spires of stone wrought before the birth of Men. Ne’er a monster dreamt greater than found in the abyssal den of Leviathan. Ne’er a canvas so broad that can swathe the glistening vault of heaven. Whilst some people seek to escape indoors through books, others escape outdoors and seek books to guide them. Some hunt and fish, others birdwatch, while still others practice survival skills. Whatever the outdoor recreation, once resolved to explore Nature’s wondrous canyons, rivers, mountains, and forests, a map, field guide, or reference book from Bookbyte will empower you with the knowledge you need to survive and thrive in the great outdoors.
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