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Mystery & Thrillers Textbooks

Agatha Christie had a penchant for poison, for the innocuous powders and subtle fluids that inflicted death with a violence belied by their harmless appearance. Like her favorite instrument of demise, her stories are couched in polite prose that belies the insidious and cruel side of the human psyche. With charming protagonists who steer narrative paths strewn with cryptic clues, Agatha Christie’s mysteries are irresistible puzzles woven in words. While mysteries challenge our wits as riddles in narrative prose, thrillers stir emotion and quicken the pulse by tracing twisted plots with an urgent pace that compels readers to turn every page till the last. The spy novels of Robert Ludlum and espionage novels of John le Carré exemplify the genre with their acute suspense and the moral ambiguity of their protagonists. Who hasn’t wished to solve an intransigent mystery or don the cloak and wear the dagger of a spy operating in the shadowy world of geopolitical espionage? At Bookbyte you’ll find intriguing mysteries and thrilling works of spycraft to deliver you from banality.
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