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Health, Mind & Body Textbooks

Je pense, donc je suis. (I am thinking, therefore I am.). René Descartes perceived the mind as distinct from the body, though intertwined it in a cryptic coupling he struggled to explain. Distinguishing consciousness from physicality still remains a vexing problem for philosophers and scientists alike, but whatever their relationship they share the same property of health. Health can be thought of as the efficiency of living. Confronted with the innumerable stresses of life, maintaining or improving your physical and mental efficiency is a daunting task, yet it is one of fundamental importance. One may address the needs of the body through adequate nutrition and exercise. One may address the needs of the mind through study and recreation. A holistic approach to health addresses the needs of both body and mind, articulating them as single, integrated entity. The mind and body well nurtured manifest health, the condition of optimal physical and mental performance. The science and doctrines of good health are taught as a necessary component of most college curricula. Thus, students will be in need of health science textbooks at prices that won’t threaten their physical and mental health. By shopping at Bookbyte you avoid the high cost of textbooks, which is one less source of stress in your life. Bookbyte: We’re good for your health!
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