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Arts & Photography Textbooks

From its ancient meaning of ‘craft’ or ‘skill’, to the modern notion of stimulating thought and emotion, art is both product and performance, synthesis and artifice, and is indeed one of the defining attributes of humanity itself. Are you a student of the humanities? Perhaps you admire art for itself, or maybe your ambition is to develop a practical skill. Regardless, you’ll need textbooks to guide you on your journey of artistic discovery. What sort of art did Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz, and Henri Cartier-Bresson practice? They peered through the artificial eye of a camera. The spear point of the medium, the lens is a looking glass that reflects not, but transmits its quarry to film or electronic sensor, and ultimately, to you. Those artists who render the transient imagery of sight into an enduring record are photographers, lit. ‘draughtsmen of light’. The photochemical process and the digital sensors that complement it have transformed the way humans communicate and learn. It is perhaps the most successful marriage of technology and aesthetics. To study the arts is to study humanity in all its diversity and experience, and ultimately will introduce you to yourself, for even in an empty theatre there yet remains an audience for the actor alone on the stage: the actor himself. As you continue your education, the money you’ll save shopping for arts and photography textbooks at Bookbyte will empower you, the artificer, to create, communicate, and perform more than you could before.
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