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Social Missions

Accessible Education Worldwide

Bookbyte believes that every student deserves the same educational opportunities. That’s why we’ve long partnered with Rotary Books for the World to help donate textbooks to disadvantaged communities around the world.

Every year, Bookbyte receives thousands of donated textbooks from local schools. We inspect the books and, if they can be resold, we forward that payment back to the school district. The rest of the books are packed up and shipped, free of charge, to the international communities that need them the most.

It’s estimated that each donated textbook passes through the hands of 25 students, so even a single book can significantly impact many lives.

This program is made possible through the contributions of numerous institutions, including the Beaverton School District, Blue Bird Transfer Inc., Pacific University, Portland State University, Powell’s Books, The International Book Project, Partner Rotary Clubs Worldwide.



Check out the maps below to see the countries impacted by our Rotary Books for the World program:

asia central america africa