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The benefits of selling your textbooks early


Any college student knows how quickly textbooks get replaced with newer editions. That means those old editions can go out of style fast. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to sell your textbooks sooner, rather than later, to get the biggest buyback payment you can.

When prices can drop so quickly, we want to make sure the money you’ll receive is protected. That’s why we guarantee all quotes on completed orders for 30 days. Secure your quote early and send the book when you’re ready.

Get more cash and get it sooner. What’s not to like?

How much is my book worth?



Books with minor signs of wear and tear: such as staining, discoloration, writing, highlighting, markings, tears, and other general damage from use. All pages included and all text legible.

You will receive the whole quoted amount.



Books with excessive writing, highlighting, and other markings; cover damage; torn pages; odor; or severe staining. All pages included and all text legible.

You will receive half the quoted amount.



Books with missing pages or illegible text.

We do not accept books in this condition. They will be recycled if sent.

Alternate Editions


Some books have the same title but different ISBNs and different buyback values. These include instructor editions, international editions, annotated editions, and others. These editions require all supplemental materials (CDs, access codes, etc.) to be included.

Be sure to enter the correct ISBN to receive an accurate quote!

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Where do I find the ISBN?


Check the title page of your book. The ISBN will be the 10- or 13-digit number you see there. The ISBN can also sometimes be found above the bar code on the back cover, but we recommend double-checking the title page to make sure you are entering the correct ISBN.

If you are trying to sell an instructor’s edition, an international edition, or any other sort of alternate version of a textbook, look carefully! These editions will often have two ISBNs printed on them: one for the normal student version and one for the alternate.

Be sure to pay close attention to the title and description of the item in your cart when selling, to make sure it matches up with the edition of the textbook you are selling.

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I am very satisfied ...

Whenever I ordered txt book from you, I got in right time and correct.

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This is how you shou...

I get the best prices for all my textbooks on Bookbyte and they are always in good condition even when I purch...

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Excellent service

Book condition was accurately described. Standard shipping was fast and packaging was secure.

22 minutes ago

quick and easy value

It was easy to find the book I needed. I just put the ISBN# in the search bar. Bookbyte gave me the best price...

20 hours ago

Got my textbook in g...

When I was ordering my textbook for my computer science class, I had to decide between getting a book that was...

23 hours ago

Shipment was extreme...

No complaints :-)

2 days ago


Book is in good condition and it came fairly quick in the mail. Very happy.

2 days ago

Bookbyte is awesome!

I got my book in a timely manner, it was in good condition and i was very happy. The book was very expensive t...

2 days ago

Neuroanatomy through...

Really great

2 days ago

Good bookseller for ...

As far as I can remember, I've had only good experiences with Bookbyte. My first stop for buying books require...

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