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Rent Textbooks

Renting is the cheapest way to get the textbooks you need

Save up to 87%
on your textbooks

Choose how long
you want to rent

Free shipping
both ways*
*Restrictions apply

7-day grace period
for late returns

We know some students prefer to rent — that’s why we offer low rental prices and flexible rental durations. Rent a textbook for a month or an entire semester, whichever meets your needs best.

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How Does Renting Work?

Search the ISBN or title of the textbook you need, choose the “rent” option and your rental term (30, 60, 90 or 150 days). Click “add to cart” then “proceed to checkout” and we’ll ship you the textbook. When your rental period is up, you can ship it back to us free of charge or extend your rental if you need to. You will receive email reminders as your return date approaches, and you can use the My Account page to check your due date, extend your rental or return your rental. Orders over $49 get free shipping, and there’s a 7 day grace period if you’re running late.

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Why Renting Is the Best Deal

This year alone, the average student has saved $112.93 by renting textbooks. And that’s per book.

When you do the math, renting saves you the most money overall. Even if you buy a textbook and then try to sell it back to recover some of your money, most of the time you’ll still save more by renting. Not to mention your textbook’s value can take a big hit if a newer edition has replaced it.

Renting is less risky and it saves you more in the long run. And, unless you really want to keep the textbook after college, it is the best choice.

Why Rent with Bookbyte?

Reasons to Rent:

Save a ton of money – With access to Bookbyte's huge inventory of textbook rentals, you know you're getting the lowest price available. The average student saves 78% off the list price when they rent.

Easy returns – Just print the free shipping label we provide, then ship back to us in the box it arrived in or a sturdy box. Ship via USPS, FedEx, or directly from your home.!

Free shipping both ways – Paying for shipping sucks. That's why we cover your shipping charges on orders $49 and up, and return shipping is always free.

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