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The end of January usually means the death of your resolutions for the New Year. Here are our 10 quick tips to keep you sticking to your goals.

Here are the top interview questions and some of the best ways to answer them so you can land the job you've worked so hard to prepare for.

Like most good stories, this one starts with trouble—car trouble that is. As we often see but don't expect, other human beings do selfless deeds to benefit—more times than not—absolute strangers.

The best way to survive the ramen years is to budget. But before we say anything else, listen up.

So you probably know that sometime in January, students are out of school and banks are closed because of Martin Luther King Jr. But here's what you might not know about MLK day.

January 11th is Human Trafficking Awareness day, and that's important because there are approximately 60,000 slaves in the United States alone. Take a moment to think about that...

We've all been there: the textbook you spent $150 dollars on at the start of the term is now suddenly worth... $17.04? They say you can't put a price on learning, but we're going to try. Let's take Gestalt theory to a new level, and look at a book as the sum of its parts.

The short answer is no, probably not. The long answer is, well, long. All it takes to call a textbook a 'new edition' is adding a preface, or fixing typos in the content, or redesigning the cover.

College can be a huge, terrifying, exhilarating experience. So we're going to help you get textbooks for cheap!

For us, the longest night of the year might mean hot chocolate, a warm fire and watching Elf for the fourth time, but for people living hundreds of years ago, the Winter Solstice had a very different meaning.