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Step 3- Post Writing. Now that you've written your masterpiece of a cover letter in Step 2, you have two things left to do. Edit it. Send it. Most people want to skip the 'edit it' part and hit send right now. You could do that, but sending a 90% complete cover letter means you'll lose to someone who did the whole 100.

Step 1- Pre-Write. I got hired at Bookbyte nine days after I applied not because I was the most qualified candidate, but because I had a resume that stood out and my cover letter turned me into a person. Here's how to guarantee your cover letter does the same for you.

Step 2: Writing the Cover Letter. Now that you've completed Step 1, it's time to write a unique, tailored cover letter to the company of your dreams. Here's how.

Paying for things on a college student's budget can be a problem. A desperate student might even turn to any source of income they could find, no matter how invasive. But there's a better way to earn money in college. Don't sell your body fluids. Instead...

The biggest problem with liberal arts degrees, particularly English, is the assumptions people make about them.

If it's the night before a big exam and you need a refresher on why there are more boys than girls in the world, or why Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, check out these Youtube channels.

Not all internships are created equal. Here are the 6 questions you need to ask yourself to make sure an internship is right for you.

If you bought a physics or astronomy textbook in 2016, it already needs to be updated. According to the rumor mill (and physicist Lawrence M. Krauss), another piece of Einstein's theory of relativity might have just been proven: gravitational waves.

As the costs of textbooks and tuition skyrocket, you need all the free stuff you can get. Here are the best free replacements for common software you'll need in college.

The final step to winning the resume war is having a resume that looks good so that it gets noticed from the pile of other, less attractive ones.