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While not every college student can afford to buy a Wii-U for late night Mario-Kart battles, you can afford these 8 apps you can play with your roommates. As a bonus, these apps are supported on Android and Apple both.

The tiny house movement believes you can live comfortably in a 120-200 square ft. home, which just happens to be about the size of your average dorm room. The main difference between a dorm room and a tiny house is that students can't tear down a wall to install a murphy bed or put in a new window. The good news is that these space-saving strategies can still help you out.

When I was a moon-eyed freshman, exploring the wondrous halls and buildings of my college campus, I had no idea what my tuition was paying for. I figured the 5 grand I was dropping each semester was just a college's version of a cover charge. Little did I know, my money was buying a lot more than my admission.

When you go off to college, it's hard to maintain hobbies you had at home, like playing the piano or building bookcases. There are, however, many dorm-friendly hobbies that you can pick up while in school that can also make you some cash on the side.

Before humans lived in dorm rooms, surviving off ramen, we lived in caves and hunted things that could kill us back. It's helpful to keep that in mind when talking about sleep because your body hasn't really evolved enough to appreciate that it's not about to get attacked by a sabretooth tiger.

Well, it's actually LIGO's fault. You see, they just recently proved the existence of Gravitational Waves, which Einstein predicted more than 60 years ago. That means any textbook that talks about space-time, gravity or black holes are now outdated. (A physicist named Allan Adams recently gave a TED talk about Gravitational Waves, if you want to learn more).

You're in college, which automatically means you're strapped for cash. You also like making a difference to people who are pursuing their dreams and trying to do something new and innovative. That's why I went out and found some awesome Kickstarter campaigns you can fund, even if you're in school.

As you probably know, February 29th only happens on a Leap Year. Here are 5 ways to make the most of the extra day.

Step 3- Post Writing. Now that you've written your masterpiece of a cover letter in Step 2, you have two things left to do. Edit it. Send it. Most people want to skip the 'edit it' part and hit send right now. You could do that, but sending a 90% complete cover letter means you'll lose to someone who did the whole 100.

Step 1- Pre-Write. I got hired at Bookbyte nine days after I applied not because I was the most qualified candidate, but because I had a resume that stood out and my cover letter turned me into a person. Here's how to guarantee your cover letter does the same for you.