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Savvy, the college student gives college students advice on how to get out of non-refundable spring break plans without being burned.

Savvy, the college student helps a student convince their professor to change a grade the way only a savvy college student could.

Student conflicted about attending Ivy League or volunteering abroad after spending a semester in rural Africa.

Changing majors in college is natural, but do you feel like you're constantly changing majors and are stuck in a never ending game of degree roulette? Find out what the savvy college student would do if in your shoes.

Discover 6 life hacks to improve memory recall, boost your GPA and help you knock college out of the park.

10 Ways to Celebrate the New Year as a broke college student.

The ultimate Halloween party requires a lot more than candy and costumes. Follow this checklist and your party will be full of scares and thrills, one to remember for the rest of the year.

People have certain expectations when they go to Halloween parties: the candy will be organ-shaped, the partiers will be in costume, and there will inevitably be cobwebs. To take your Dorm Halloween party to the next level, you’ll need some elbow grease and a creative mind.

There's very little worse than a terrible roommate. Here's how to trick them into being great (without them even noticing)

Spooky houses and haunted hallways are all well and good, but if you’re in for a real scare, you’ll want to get off the beaten path with these 15 haunted places. 15 Vancouver Washington- Fort Vancouver, once the largest British settlement on the west coast, is haunted by spirits of ...