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You may feel like you’ve been burned in the past by an online textbook reseller company possibly rejecting your book(s) or significantly reducing a buyback price quote. And most likely, you feel this had to be the company’s wrongdoing. In truth, 90% of the time it has to do with ...

You made it to Winter break, alive! Now, you probably want nothing more than to just kick back and be a lazy bum. No judgment here. College really drains a person and a little R&R goes a long way. But, by the same token, be aware that behaviors like sleeping-in ...

When a college student doesn't want to work for daddy after graduation, he hit's up Savvy, the college student for advice on how to get out of the family business with trust fund intact.

A recent graduate suffers buyer's remorse after not getting a job as quickly as expected after college. Savvy gives sound advice to navigating the terrain of launching a new career.

Arrested while on vacation. Savvy gives a college student savvy advice for dealing with the blowout of his choices.

Failing a class can really dampen the celebrations, especially when your whole family thinks you're graduating. Discover the savvy student's tips to live down the humiliation or walking but not graduating.

Learn how to study for finals without sacrificing your precious sleep. Check out this infographic for quick tips to make studying a no brainer rather than an all nighter.

Nifty tips to help college students delay financial aid payments after graduation.

Savvy, the college student, gives a fellow student advice on what to do when being expelled and how to break the news to his parents.

Learn how to properly research a company prior to your interview. Leverage these 4 tips to be well on your way to landing your dream job.