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[caption id="attachment_2519" align="alignright" width="231"]<img class="wp-image-2519" src="" alt="Get creeped out by these spine-tingling stories based on true events!" width="231" height="325" /> Get creeped out by these spine-tingling stories based on true events![/caption] These eerie tales and unsolved mysteries are based on true stories that have been twisted by time into legends most terrifying. From a slit-mouthed spectral woman asking for praise from lone travelers (at the risk of getting slashed!) to the most famous haunted house in history, these stories are sure to delight as much as they frighten. Gather a group of friends for spooky story time! Set the mood with candles and creepy music, and have everyone draw in real close so they can hear these hair-raising tales of things that go bump in the night.

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-2478 " src="" alt="Jack-o'-Lantern" width="300" height="294" /> Halloween is just around the corner - time to make some mischief in your living quarters with spooky decorations! Whether you like black ravens and lace cobwebs or gruesome zombies and body parts, there's plenty of easy (and cheap) ways to make your dorm room to die for in time for Halloween. Take a stab at decorating your dorm room or apartment with these inspiring ideas we've collected below, and visit our <a href="" target="_blank">Halloween Pinterest board</a> for more cool ideas.

[caption id="attachment_2444" align="aligncenter" width="300"]<a href=""><img class="wp-image-2444 size-medium" src="" alt="Roasty, toasty coffee beans." width="300" height="225" /></a> Roasty, toasty coffee beans.[/caption] Rocket fuel, joe, dirt, mud, java, brew, go juice, battery acid, morning jolt, liquid energy - whatever you call it, it's the addiction of choice for most of us. In the US alone, coffee is the second most popular drink after water, and the second most traded product in the world (the first is oil). If coffee was an intergalactic alien bent on taking over Earth, it would have already assimilated into our culture and be moving into the world domination phase of its plan. And we would let it because, for many of us, waking up without a steaming mug of java juice sounds as good as getting a root canal on a roller coaster. But if you're tired of just <em>drinking</em> your coffee, you're in luck! Many companies have been experimenting with caffeinated foods and other weird coffee-flavored combinations. With that in mind, here's some creative (and weird) java munchies to entice your taste buds.

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-2435 size-large" src="" alt="Notebook with office supplies" width="540" height="346" /> An English term paper (worth half your grade) due in two weeks; once-a-week write-ups due for a Biology course; weekly meetings at the poetry club; best friend's birthday; date night; part-time work at the cafeteria; mom needs a ride to the airport - a bunch of little (and not so little) parts that make up every week. Where to start? Overwhelming seems like an understatement when you're neck-deep in obligations and assignments. Instead of inundating yourself with time-saving apps and self-help organizational books, try applying the zen-like doctrine of culinary chefs. <em>Mise-en-place</em> (French for "to put in place") has made its way out of the kitchen into business offices and households everywhere as a method to organize one's day and squeeze as many productive minutes out of it as possible.

So you've graduated college and are getting ready to head out into the world. Sure, your university days might have been a little wild, but now, with the ink still drying on your bachelor's, you are ready to enter the workforce as a mature and responsible adult. Not so fast. In today's digital, interconnected world, there is one last exam that you need to pass before you can get that dream job: cleaning up your social media profile.

When you first arrived at college as a freshman, chances are you already had some preconceived notions as to what college life would be like thanks to movies like Animal House, Legally Blonde, Old School, and Pitch Perfect. Were your days filled with non-stop partying? Did you never have to worry about homework? Were you always dressed to impress? If I had to guess, I would say no. Check out the 5 ways college is different from the movies below!

They're called "4-year universities" for a reason, right? Then why are more and more students finding it takes them five, six, sometimes seven years to earn their bachelor's degree? Worse, many students aren't even making it to graduation day. From the start, students are set on a path to earn their degree in at least five years from the advice of their counselors.

[caption id="attachment_2372" align="aligncenter" width="300"]<img class="wp-image-2372 size-medium" src="" alt="Clueless college freshman meme" width="300" height="242" /> Read on for tips to keep from being completely clueless![/caption]<p>Being a college freshman is only slightly less nerve-racking than the first year of high school. You may not have to worry about upperclassmen trying to prank you (hopefully), but being in a new school, whether you're living on campus or not, can be a stressful experience. Besides trying to avoid locking yourself out of your dorm room and signing up for too many credit cards, here's some helpful tips to prepare you for your first semester.</p><p>

Whoever you are, whatever your SAT score and high school report card look like, you could take a course at Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, or Johns Hopkins right this minute. These elite schools, among many others, have begun to offer open, online, not-for-credit courses to anyone who wants to take them. These are casually referred to as MOOCs, massive open online courses.

The amount of dorm "necessities" seems to grow every year—at least that's what companies want you to think. Here are a few of the most illogical items that the Sharper Image, Pottery Barn, and other interior design offenders have included in their dorm collections, in no particular order.

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