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Cheap Textbooks Tips

As you start your journey into to college, we here at Bookbyte understand that it is stressful enough to deal with tuition, supplies and especially the over-priced textbooks, which are a necessity. That's why we offer cheap textbooks to start you off on the right foot.

At Bookbyte, we offer millions of cheap textbooks to give you one less added stress in your college experience. From textbooks that run the gamut from medical to legal, literature, statistics, languages and much, much more - our cheap textbooks will save you money.

However, getting the cheapest textbooks and making your dollar stretch further goes beyond just looking to buy used textbooks. There are other, even cheaper ways, to acquire the textbooks you need. So, with this in mind, we’ve created this cheap textbooks page to inform our customers of options that they may not have been aware of.

A secret among the textbook industry for many years is AFI edition textbooks. Here is a quick breakdown of what AFI stands for:

A For Annotated Edition: This is an Instructor edition with additional notes and answers for instructor use.

F for Free Instructor Edition: This is a free copy of a student edition given to instructors by Publishers to see if they want to use them in their class. They frequently have publisher markings stating they are not legal for resale, but the bottom line is a property rights issue. If you legally acquire the textbook, you can do what you want with it as it is your property. The content is the same as a student edition. Some schools prohibit students from using anything labeled as instructor.

I for Instructor Edition: This edition is the same as FREE but without the markings.

In addition to AFI copies, we offer the option of renting textbooks through our exclusive rental distributor, rentbooks, LLC. This will enable you to receive cheap textbooks at a fantastically low price.

Get your college career started on the right foot with the help of Bookbyte and our prodigious amount of cheap textbooks. No more hassles, no more waiting on hour-long book store lines and no over-priced textbooks that are needed for a short period of time.

To prove our point, we’ve collected our best data regarding the savings that each one of our products offers for students and have compiled this infographic to help you visualize the cheapest options for getting your textbooks this term. Enjoy!