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Unsure if your textbook is in good enough shape to be sold to Bookbyte? This blog will give you a better idea of what we consider to be a damaged textbook in non-resalable condition.

Some used textbooks will have taped-over ISBNs (or sticker ISBN) which are a good sign the book is not the regular student edition (see below). Since Bookbyte only purchases student edition and international edition textbooks, any instructor’s edition or complimentary copy textbooks will be rejected and recycled if sent to Bookbyte.

You may be thinking, how hard can it really be to put a textbook in a box, stick a label on it, and throw it in the mail? Unfortunately, there’s a little more to it if you want to ensure your book(s) are accepted when Bookbyte receives them. Many improperly packed textbooks become damaged during transit and this can be avoided by following our tips.

You may feel like you’ve been burned in the past by an online textbook reseller company possibly rejecting your book(s) or significantly reducing a buyback price quote. And most likely, you feel this had to be the company’s wrongdoing. In truth, 90% of the time it has to do with ...

After months of research, contacting agents and bribing officials, we’re finally able to bring you the finest fight since VCRs went up against DVDs! Welcome to the ultimate showdown, the battle for your education, pages against screens, downloadable textbook PDFs versus cheap textbook rentals! Which is truly supreme?!

Pre-college, summer school is hung over the heads of students like a threat for not working hard enough. That's already an unfair stigma for grade school and high school students, but for college, that stigma truly makes no sense. If you're reluctant to sacrifice your three months of sunshine for a few spare credits, here's a few reasons you might want to reconsider.

Writing textbooks has got to be pretty tedious work. So you can hardly blame the writers when they slip in something that seems a little bit... off. My theory is that one of three things happens...

I've been out of college for a few years now, and it amazes me how much things have changed in the short time since I've been gone. A lot of things are much tougher. I don't envy you guys' tuition hikes. See the charts from CNN Money.