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Whether you already know what interpersonal skills are or not, you use them every day. And just because you use them daily doesn't mean you're a pro. How we communicate and conduct ourselves—through in-person and (now) remote interactions—ultimately tells how developed our interpersonal skills are in fact.

We’ve all heard of this soft skill and there are many of us who already understand its intrinsic value in life. Being able to appreciate the journey as much as the destination and knowing that a mountain climbed is a mountain conquered. A standard reached is a new bar set….and so on…What’s as important is how highly coveted this soft skill is by employers.

Adaptability, as a soft skill or skill set, is a general willingness, openness, and ability to gracefully transition to change, in any form, in a professional setting. According to Phoenix Group International, 69% of hiring managers say adaptability is the most important soft skill they screen for.

Empathy, or the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, is undoubtedly the most important soft skill and leadership skill. Unlike sympathy—in which you understand and feel for someone—empathy involves putting yourself in another's shoes, identifying with them, and feeling as them.

Active listening is another soft skill you absolutely need to master—especially before your big job interview. Gain an edge on the competition and learn how the best communicators lean on active listening techniques.

Some of the hardest and highest paying jobs in the world involve very little output or physical exertion. The performance and success of these jobs are measured not by the volume of output but by the quality. Enter the problem solver’s advantage.

Teamwork is another soft skill that you absolutely need. Being a team player is paramount to your long-term success within a company, and if it’s evident you’re lacking this crucial skill during your interview, you might as well get up and walk out.

Arguably, communication is the most important soft skill and the most sought-after skill by employers—as it’s also the biggest weakness within most companies. Let's dive and see what makes good communication.