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The end of January usually means the death of your resolutions for the New Year. Here are our 10 quick tips to keep you sticking to your goals.

Here are the top interview questions and some of the best ways to answer them so you can land the job you've worked so hard to prepare for.

The best way to survive the ramen years is to budget. But before we say anything else, listen up.

January 11th is Human Trafficking Awareness day, and that's important because there are approximately 60,000 slaves in the United States alone. Take a moment to think about that...

We've all been there: the textbook you spent $150 dollars on at the start of the term is now suddenly worth... $17.04? They say you can't put a price on learning, but we're going to try. Let's take Gestalt theory to a new level, and look at a book as the sum of its parts.

College can be a huge, terrifying, exhilarating experience. So we're going to help you get textbooks for cheap!

Several states in the US have begun to offer free or heavily discounted Community College, though four-year universities still charge tens of thousands of dollars per semester. If, oh glorious thought, a four-year degree were to be offered free of charge, what would it do to textbook costs?

As you may have heard, the Oxford English Dictionary made this emoji the word of the year.

Life on the internet for a student who should be studying is hard. Luckily, there is a whole slew of programs, apps, and websites designed to make paper writing and studying bearable. Here are the Bookbyte team's five favorite websites to make you more productive.

Moving away to college is scary, yet exciting! Saying goodbye to your family and friends is never easy, but experiencing college in a place that's your very own truly is a treasure. Because we know this can be a stressful time in any student's life, we've composed a list of essentials for any student about to move into a dorm room. While you may not know your roommate, location of classes, or even your major, packing for dorm life doesn't have to be complicated!

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