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Whether you already know what interpersonal skills are or not, you use them every day. And just because you use them daily doesn't mean you're a pro. How we communicate and conduct ourselves—through in-person and (now) remote interactions—ultimately tells how developed our interpersonal skills are in fact.

Much has changed in the last month because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. And now, with the extreme social distancing measures—with no definite end—we're forced to take online classes exclusively. Make this transition easier and read our latest blog packed with SFH tips

If you're reading this, it's not too late. You haven’t declared your major yet but it’s okay! If anything, it’s a good sign that you’re careful and don’t rush into things. [...]

Unsure if your textbook is in good enough shape to be sold to Bookbyte? This blog will give you a better idea of what we consider to be a damaged textbook in non-resalable condition.

Creating a buyback quote on Bookbyte is super easy! Read on to learn how it works and avoid some common mistakes!

There's very little worse than a terrible roommate. Here's how to trick them into being great (without them even noticing)

After months of research, contacting agents and bribing officials, we’re finally able to bring you the finest fight since VCRs went up against DVDs! Welcome to the ultimate showdown, the battle for your education, pages against screens, downloadable textbook PDFs versus cheap textbook rentals! Which is truly supreme?!

Well, it's actually LIGO's fault. You see, they just recently proved the existence of Gravitational Waves, which Einstein predicted more than 60 years ago. That means any textbook that talks about space-time, gravity or black holes are now outdated. (A physicist named Allan Adams recently gave a TED talk about Gravitational Waves, if you want to learn more).

Paying for things on a college student's budget can be a problem. A desperate student might even turn to any source of income they could find, no matter how invasive. But there's a better way to earn money in college. Don't sell your body fluids. Instead...

The biggest problem with liberal arts degrees, particularly English, is the assumptions people make about them.

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