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Bookbyte helps you save big on the textbooks you need, no matter how you want to buy them. Even if you’re cracking open a brand new book, you’ll save an average of 64% off the list price!

All of our used books go through a strict screening process to make sure we’re only selling you the very best. If for any reason you want to make a return, we back up all purchases with a 14-day guarantee, no questions asked.

Of course, if you really want to keep as much money as possible in your pocket, you may want to learn more about our textbook rental program provided by rentbooks.

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What's the Student Marketplace?


Not all of the books you see on our site are in our warehouse! The books labeled “Student Marketplace” are sold and shipped by third-party sellers, many of them other students like you. That way our customers can have a wider selection, more options, and more competitive prices.

For more information on how the Student Marketplace works and to learn how to become a seller yourself, check out our Help Database.

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What our customers say

Excellent and effici...

Many options to choose when ordering a book. Easy book return processing. E-mail communication throught all ...

32 days ago

Very Happy With My E...

I am happy to know I can count on Bookbyte. I will conduct further business with this company.cah

-Carol Ann Hobbs
41 days ago

A very satisfactory ...

This is the first time that I use company and the service was excellent, I'll definitely will continue to use ...

-elizabeth Schneider
41 days ago

Good Experience

No issues, got my rebate.

-Sharon Rice
43 days ago

Genetics in Medicine

Loved that they paid for the return label!

43 days ago

Good experience will...

Good experience, prompt delivery, good reminders. Only downside was the return part of the web site. I couldn'...

49 days ago

Excellent Company!

I rented a French book which was in great shape and was delivered in the right time. Bookbyte is a pretty good...

-Thaísa Spinelli
49 days ago

Bookbyte is a great ...

I had a great experience and I would rent from Bookbyte again.

56 days ago

Great company!

Books best price in condition advertised. Rented book also and great return program/rebate

56 days ago

Great experience

Received the books in a timely manner, they were the cheapest one to get my two books. Everything was in the s...

-Kirsten Chambless
58 days ago