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What's Your Uber Score? How to NOT Be Stood Up by Your Driver

Services like UberX and Lyft have turned out to be a boon for many a person looking for safe transport from a bar at 4 a.m. Or for people needing a ride from the dentist's office when the effects of nitrous oxide are still wearing off. With their prices often being lower than what a taxi service offers, these driver-finding apps are even more beneficial for students without wheels of their own.

If you've never used UberX or Lyft, here's the basics: Open the app and select your location, then a driver is sent over and you're texted when he/she arrives. When you get to your location, you hop out (no need to pay cash - the fare is automatically charged to the credit card on file), and you leave feedback on a 1 to 5 scale. The thing is, while you're rating your driver, your driver is rating you right back.

Ever been left on a curb after calling UberX, waiting for a ride that continually gets canceled? UberX keeps sending you less-than-reassuring messages that they're scrambling trying to find another driver for you while the minutes tick by. The reason for your long wait curbside could be that your passenger rating is too low and no driver wants to take a chance on you - a rating you'll never get to see since it's not available to the public.

Some drivers say if you have a passenger rating lower than 4.5, they won't take a chance on you. Lower than 4.0? You may be waiting for a ride that will never come.

What does it take to be a good passenger? Not much. Usually acting like a decent human being will get you a good score. Here's a few behaviors to avoid if you're looking for a good Uber passenger score:

Don'ts of Being an UberX/Lyft Passenger

Don't vomit in the car
Don't do drugs in the car
Don't vandalize the car
Don't be rude
Don't incorrectly mark your pick-up location
Don't make your driver wait
Don't slam the car doors

The list is pretty straightforward with what we would call "normal, nice-people behavior." Some drivers are especially easy to annoy however. Uber drivers took to Reddit to say that riders who "smell bad" or "do anything to annoy them" will get a bad score. It just goes to show that Uber drivers can be as surly as any of their passengers.

Since drivers are dependent on a 4.5 or higher to stay in the Uber system (some say a rating lower than 4.7 will get them kicked off), some passengers and drivers admit to trading a '5' rating from one another. So that's one way to get a good score. Tipping can't hurt either, says many UberX drivers (even though the Uber website states "...no need to tip.")

Uber says passenger scores will be available to the public soon, but for now you can supposedly learn your score by asking a driver or contacting Uber customer support. The mutual scoring of drivers and passengers seems like a good way to keep everyone on their best behavior. What do you think? Have any juicy horror stories or positive Uber experiences you want to share?

Author's Note: UberX is the low-cost Uber experience with everyday cars for everyday use. Not to be confused with UberLux, which sends fancy cars at a higher price.