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How Do I Ship My Textbook?

You may be thinking, how hard can it really be to put a textbook in a box, stick a label on it, and throw it in the mail? Unfortunately, there’s a little more to it. The most common complaint we receive from customers has to do with books being rejected once we've received and processed them. And, the main reason books get rejected is that they arrive damaged and in a non-resalable condition. In fact, several customers have left poor reviews saying, their book was in good condition when they sent it, and then after we received the book, it magically became damaged...

Okay, so how do the books  “magically” become damaged? Most times, it’s due to improper packing. * For example, packing your book in a frail cereal box and expecting it to magically stay in good shape during transit, is unrealistic at best. Many other boxes are problematic as well.

*There are times the customer likely knew their book was a dumpster fire before shipping—hoping we'd look past the surface to see its hidden inner beauty. 

So what's the best way to ship your textbook(s)?

  1. Use a sturdy shipping box—NO ENVELOPES
    Cereal boxes, pizza boxes, and generally other boxes that have thin cardboard walls, or boxes that don’t provide enough space for packing foam/ bubble wrap, will not protect your books from damage. Imagine there’s a postal worker like Ace Ventura handling your shipment…

    Delivery man kicking around a parcel
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    Do not
    use Priority Mail/flat rate boxes to mail your books. Using these types of boxes will incur additional shipping charges that will be deducted from your cash quote.

  2. Leave no empty space in the box
    Fill empty space with newspaper, bubble wrap, or packing foam to make sure the book has little to no wiggle room before taping the box shut.

  3. Tape the entire label down
    Not only should you tape down all edges of the label (to prevent it from raising and tearing) but you should also tape down the entire surface of the label, so it can't become damaged or defaced during transit. If the label is rendered unreadable, your package may never reach our destination.

  4. Purchase optional insurance if you think your package may get damaged
    Maybe you didn't perfectly follow the three previous shipping tips? Well then, play it safe and purchase optional insurance from USPS. This way, if USPS damages/loses the package prior to it being delivered, you will be compensated by them.

Follow these instructions and your textbook won't be rejected due to damage—unless the book was already a dumpster fire before you shipped it. Share this with any friends who also sell to Bookbyte!