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7 Tips for Balancing the Mind, Body and Spirit

You made it to Winter break, alive! Now, you probably want nothing more than to just kick back and be a lazy bum. No judgment here. College really drains a person and a little R&R goes a long way. But, by the same token, be aware that behaviors like sleeping-in and binge-watching TV do not always take away the stress—they can add to it. Why not try out some different methods to help find your inner Zen? Check out our suggestions below!

1. Don't sleep longer than 9 hours

We all know too little of sleep is unhealthy but very few know that oversleeping is just as harmful. Studies show sleeping more than 9 hours a night brings on negative health effects such as depression, cognitive impairment, heightened risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and finally, premature death. Check out Huffington Post’s article for an extensive look at oversleeping.

2. Meditate

Meditation is a good way to find your inner balance. It’s been proven to reduce stress, improve concentration, and even slow aging! You don’t have to be a Zen master or yoga pro to meditate, you just need to know how to breathe and clear your mind. Here’s a helpful article by Gaiam to help you get started.

person meditating on mountain top

3. Eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (in my parental tone). After a good night’s sleep, your body hasn’t had any sustenance for 7-9 hours and any remaining energy will quickly be used up. No fuel equals no-go. Start your day fueled-up and ready-to-go with a balanced breakfast. If you’re not sold, the infamous WebMD waxes poetic about the importance of breakfast.

a bowl of healthy cereal for breakfast

4. Invest in your personal appearance

Finally, you have some time for pampering yourself with regular flossing, plucking, mud masks and haircuts. Treat your self and see the return with a strong boost of confidence. The Simple Dollar has quite a few suggestions, worth the read!

person getting a haircut

5. If you drink, drink moderately

Yes, frat parties happen and hopefully, they’re few and far between. Most of you are young and resilient so you may feel that drinking is harmless because of your ability to quickly bounce back the next day. This is because of your liver’s ability to filter out toxins, break down fats & carbohydrates, and produce energy. Unfortunately, drinking is a direct attack on your organs—your liver especially— and over time, you won’t bounce back so well from a hard night of drinking. Don’t take it from us, here is what MayoClinic.org has to say about excessive drinking.

people with drinks in hand

6. Exercise or go for a walk

Sounds like work, eh? Unfortunately, it is work but it yields many great benefits that make it worth the effort. Watch this short video, from Prevention.com, to learn how walking and/or exercising can benefit you.

7. Give out free hugs

Sounds crazy, right? You’d be surprised to learn that giving someone a hug can not only improve your mood but it can also reduce stress, lower your heart rate…and really make someone else’s day! Check out Huffington Post’s article on the powerful effects of hugging.

a group hug