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6 YouTube Channels to Help You Cram Last Second


Written by Lucas Wiseman

If it's the night before a big exam and you need a refresher on why there are more boys than girls in the world, or why Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, check out these Youtube channels.


6. It's Ok To Be Smart

For: All Majors

If you want an answer to a question you never knew you had, this channel is for you. For example, why are there still monkeys?

The topics are broad and useful to anyone wanting a refresher or an introduction to a new topic. Take a look, you might learn something.

5. Crash Course

For: All Majors

Originally started by author John Green and his brother Hank, Crash Course is exactly what it says on the tin: a brief introduction to anything you'd want to know. The videos cover broad ranges of topics from astronomy and philosophy to economics and history.


4. The Great War

For: History Majors

World War I tends to get glossed over in high school history classes because teachers are eager to get to the sequel. If you want a week-by-week breakdown of the war though, check out The Great War. The channel is the most detailed representation of WWI we have ever seen. If watching hours of amazing content isn't your thing, they have helpful summary videos posted every so often.

Even if you aren't in a history class, it's worth checking out these terrific videos.

3. Minute Physics

For: Physics & Science Majors

Minute Physics embraced the tiny attention span of the average internet user and made informative videos that are usually a minute and a half long. They cover a huge range of physics topics, and we actually watched Minute Physics' video on Special Relativity to get us ready for our post about gravitational waves.

2. Minute Earth

For: All Science Majors

Minute Earth is a continuation of Minute Physics' idea of short bursts of learning. Minute Earth deals with more broad questions than just science and is perfect for if you've ever wondered how your dog can protect you before you're born or why we have more boys than girls.



1. Primitive Technology

For: History & Anthropology Majors

So we fibbed a little bit, this probably won't help you cram (unless you're studying to survive in the Stone Age). What you will get from watching these videos though is an amazing sense of how humanity has evolved over time, and how much you can build with a few sticks, some rocks and some mud.

We'd recommend watching him build a home out of mud and sticks first.


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