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6 Ways to Make Extra Money in College—Without Selling Body Fluids

Written by Lucas Wiseman

Paying for things on a college student's budget can be a problem. A desperate student might even turn to any source of income they could find, no matter how invasive.

But there's a better way to earn money in college. Don't sell your body fluids. Instead...


6. Sell One-Of-A-Kind Tee Shirts

You can spend $10 bucks and produce hundreds of unique tee shirts and jackets with nothing but bleach and creativity.

An image of Kylo Ren bleached onto a black tee shirt.
"I will finish what you started doing two weeks ago and forgot to finish."


Tee shirts like this one can be made with only bleach, freezer paper, and an iron.

All you need to do is cut out the shape you want in the freezer paper, iron it on to the shirt, and spray some bleach.


There's a subreddit devoted to bleaching shirts which has a tutorial here, if you want the full instructions. I don't want to waste your time by listing them all.

If you have your clients supply their own shirts for bleaching, a dime's worth of bleach will turn into a $10 a shirt. Suddenly, you're able to afford a lot of pizza.

5. Scoop Up Furniture and 'Flip' it

If you're at a traditional school with on-campus housing, at the end of every semester there's a flurry of students moving out of dorms.

Get a car and drive around, offering to buy the furniture people either a) can't fit in mom's minivan or b) don't want any more. Then, when the next semester starts, you turn around and sell it at a profit to the incoming students who suddenly realize they need a mini-fridge.

Nazareth College move in day, 2010


This one does require a bit of effort on your part, but the profits from flipping dorm furniture far exceed the amount of work you put in.

4. Turn Hobbies into... Monies?

This is the easiest way to make money in college because you take something you already know how to do and charge other people for it. All you need is a skill and a few signs around campus.

Let's think for a moment about the universal desires of college students. Everybody needs a haircut once in a while, or their laundry done, or help studying for pre-calc. You can sell that knowledge to people.

Know how to drive stick shift? Teach people for 20 bucks an hour.

Do you have experience sewing? Have people bring you ripped jeans and mend them for $5 a pair.

My best friend used to re-string tennis rackets for his school's team, and he made a tidy profit from it.

Examples abound, but the innate skills you have are what you should sell. Take a few minutes and think about what you're good at, and how to sell it to your peers.

3. Use your skills to earn a Fiverr

If you have awesome skills that aren't in demand from your peers, you should try Fiverr instead.


Fiverr is an easy way to turn a skill you already have into a 5 buck making machine. For minimal effort you can start getting paid to do anything you're good at. Literally anything. Just look.

There are some really weird things people will pay 5 bucks for.


2. Rent Out Your Parking Spot

If parking is a pain on your campus, you'll have students lining up to park in your place.

This is especially easy if you don't usually need to drive to campus, or if you like to be healthy and walk. You weren't using the spot anyway, so turn it into a moneymaker for you.

This sort of spot leasing isn't always legal in college towns, so make sure you check your local laws before you start selling stretches of the curb to total strangers. City governments tend to frown upon that.


1. Sell Last Semester's Textbooks

This one is sort of obvious, but wait!

Don't sell textbooks when you are done with a class.

Remember your Econ 101 lessons, about supply and demand? At the end of a semester, the supply is high and the demand is low, and you won't get very much cash for the books you're trying to sell. Instead, wait, and sell when the demand is high. Here's an infographic that shows the best times to buy and sell.

Make sure you check and see how much other sites are offering as well. You can see Bookbyte's rates here.