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5 things to do on February 29th

As you probably know, February 29th only happens on a Leap Year. Here are 5 ways to make the most of the extra day.

1: Start or finish a project

What better way to use a unique day than to start that project you've been meaning to get to? This year has an extra day in it, so use it productively. The 29th is also a great day to finish an ongoing project that may have fallen to the wayside.

2: Reconnect with an old friend

February 29th is a day for breaking out of old habits and doing something unexpected. Thanks to Facebook and other social media accounts, it's easy to stay in touch with friends from long ago. Use the extra day to reconnect with someone you were once close to, or reach to someone you want to know better.

3: Take yourself out

Treat yourself! This day only happens once every four years, so take yourself to a restaurant you've been interested in but never had the time to go to. You have a whole extra 24 hours now, make the most of them. February 29th also makes for a great date night for couples who want to do something special and unexpected.

4: Take a trip to a historical site near you

Most people live near a building, statue or monument that's older than they are. Get to know your town or city better and take a trip to a historical site. Have a fun new experience and learn something while you're at it.

5: Catch up on reading

You have a whole extra day to do with what you want. After your 3 hour nap, why don't you finish that book that's been gathering dust on your shelf? Take the time to do a little research on a subject you're passionate about, or finish that novel you've been working on. The excuse "I don't have enough time" doesn't work on February 29th, you've got a whole 24 extra hours.