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10 Tips for Traveling on a Student Budget

It's the final week of our Choose Your Summer Adventure Sweepstakes(Sweepstakes Has Ended), and we've got vacation on the brain. Whether you're ready to book it on the next flight across the sea or road trip across the country, have no fear—you can still have the vacation you deserve with some savvy inside information from the travel experts.

Time your airfare searches

Domestic fares are updated at least four times a day. If you're searching for a flight but don't like the prices you're seeing, check back later in the day.

Fly on weekdays

Tuesdays and Wednesdays still seem to be the cheapest days to buy tickets domestically.

Plan by destination

The ideal time to buy tickets depends on the destination. Kayak's website has an awesome Travel Hacker guide you can use to see the best time to buy for domestic flights and international.

Use StudentUniverse to find the best deals

StudentUniverse negotiates exclusive airfares with over 60 airline partners globally and features discounted rates on hotels and tours all over the world for students 18-25.

Teach English abroad at a camp or school

Besides the rewarding experience of teaching, you can immerse yourself in the culture while having most of your expenses covered (and maybe getting paid to boot).

Flash your Student ID

Many museums, parks, restaurants, and historical sites offer reduced admission for students. When in doubt, ask!

Purchase an ISIC card

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) has been a student's legitimate proof of student status since 1953. Purchase a card to receive discounts on software licenses, movie theater access, bookstores, public transportation, and much more.

Make food at "home."

Between AirBnBs and hostels with a shared kitchen, you don't need to spend your precious pennies on overpriced restaurants and cafes. Try the local grocery store to make your own meals a couple of nights so you can save your money for better experiences.

Use Money-Saving Travel Apps

Use travel apps like GasBuddy to find cheap places to fill up on a road trip, or Urbanspoon to find the least expensive restaurants around your location.

Find Out the Insider Info

Ask fellow travelers or hotel employees for the scoop on the cheapest eats and when the local Happy Hour is.

Bon Voyage!