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Advanced Search

Trying to narrow your search results? Need more choices? You've come to the right place.

Search Tips
How do I get fewer results?
The more specific your search criteria, the fewer results you will receive. For example, try entering more than one keyword at a time. Enter “biology by mader” to narrowly deliver only biology texts authored by Mader.
How do I get more results?
Less specific search criteria will deliver more results for you. In this case, a single search keyword like “biology” will deliver far more results than multiple keywords.
How do I search by ISBN?
Enter only the ISBN number listed for the textbook you need. Do not enter any other keywords, like title or author, and double check the number for accuracy before you search.
How do I sort my results?
After your search has delivered a results page of textbooks, use the drop down list found at the top of the page. Select any of the drop-down criteria to sort your results by, for example, relevance, alphabetical or release date.