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About Us

Bookbyte is dedicated first and foremost to improving the student experience. Aware of the ever-increasing costs of higher education, we provide multiple options for buying and renting inexpensive textbooks and strive to offer the highest buyback prices for students selling books.

Our History

Founded in 1999, Bookbyte is one of the longest running used textbook businesses online. From our humble beginnings operating out of a closet (seriously), we expanded out to the garage and then to increasingly larger and larger warehouses. We are now one of the largest used textbook retailers on the west coast. Oregon Business magazine ranked Bookbyte 79th on the Private 150 Oregon companies list for 2014. Our headquarters is located in Salem, Oregon.

Charity Support

Our support of a number of charities is a large part of who we are, particularly, our ongoing work with the Rotary Books for the World, donating books and supporting literacy programs in Belize, Thailand, Uganda, and South Africa. We also whole-heartedly support the United Way, the Marion-Polk Food Share, the March of Dimes, Garten, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

A Great Place to Work

Our goal is to keep Bookbyte an inclusive environment, where we encourage and support innovation and input from all employees. We also set aside time to just plain have fun, with epic ping-pong duels, tasty potlucks, barrel decorating for charity, spirit contests, and the always welcome arrival of the snack cart. If you are interested in employment opportunities, please visit our Jobs page here.

Our Core Values

Have the Heart
to Speak and Listen
Have the Heart to Speak and Listen
Communicate courageously
and compassionately.
Point Out
the Good Stuff
Point Out the Good Stuff
Acknowledge others for
great things they do.
Own Up
to It!
Own Up to It!
Integrity is the most important quality
of any leader, stand by your word.
Obsess About
Obsess About Service
Make delivering excellent service
your obsession.
Not the Only Freaking
Person in the World
You're Not the Only Freaking Person in the World
We're a team, we're a family
and we're all in this together.
Be the Seed, the
Water and the Sun
Be the Seed, the Water and the Sun
Strive to innovate and come up with new
things, never settle for the same old stuff.
Embrace Your
Wacky Side
Embrace Your Wacky Side
Don't take yourself too seriously and
never be afraid to get a little coo-coo
around here, in fact, we demand it!
Family Matters
Embrace your peers as brother and
sisters, create an environment that
fosters compassion and love, the
rest will take care of itself.
Live for
Live for Health
Find the balance in your life
to be physically, emotionally
and spiritually healthy.
Be a
Super Hero
Be a Super Hero
Seek to always help those who need it
when the opportunity arises.